Sunday, August 27, 2006


I was sitting under a palm tree
strumming my guitar
when a big spider walked up to me
and said something real bizarre

it said, what are you gonna do?
where are you gonna go?
what's that you say?
what do you mean, you don't know?

I was making like a Tarzan
swinging from the vines
I'd dumped Jane a long time ago
I had a monkey by my side

stranded on an airplane
my heart a broken mess
don't know where I am going to
crazy with loneliness

Turn Around

life's a lonesome road sometimes
and sometimes all you have is time
yet even time leaves you behind
good friends are so hard to find
but just when you think that there's nobody
turn around
that's where your friends will be

you build up dreams all through your life
some of them you sacrifice
some you just have set so high
that you don't even dare to try
and just when you think that they'll never be real
turn around
that's where your dreams will be

life will break you in so many ways
it's hard to get through some of the days
it draws lines all over your face
even the smile on your face feels out of place
and just when you're ready to give up on me
turn around
that's where I'm gonna be

Everything's Just Fine

everything's alright
the sun shines though it's night
everything's just fine
tears of laughter out of cryin'
everything's alright
balls of fire 'cross the sky
everything's just fine
I can't believe it though I try
no, no

everything's okay
so you just wait another day
everything's alright
broken toys inside my mind
everything's just great
people acting out their hate
everything's just fine
I can't believe it though I try
no, no

everything is well
if you ignore the alarm bells
everything's just fine
we're alive though we're dying
everything's alright
hope just fell out of sight
everything's just fine
I can't believe it though I try
no, no

everything's alright
we agree, but still we fight
everything's just fine
no one makes it out alive
everything's alright
yeah right
everything's just fine
I can't believe it though I try
no, no

Mr. Terrorist

dear mr. terrorist
I'm flying out to see my girl
I swear I'm not your enemy
and your hatred I don't deserve

please, mr. terrorist
I do not wish to die
can't we talk about this?
put our differences aside?

kind sir, mr. terrorist
can't you listen for awhile?
can't you see the people hurting?
can't you hear the children cry?

surely, mr. terrorist
there must be another way
you've captured our attention
but we still can't hear what you're saying

because I'm afraid
yeah, I'm afraid
of where we're headed


I am the bastard son of hatred
I am the voice inside your head
I'm the sickening touch of insanity
I'm the creature under your bed

I am the evil intention
I am the urge to do what's wrong
I'm the suffering of the innocent
I'm the empire built on bones

I am the finger on the trigger
I am the point of no return
I'm the truth you turned your back on
the good fortune you don't deserve

I am the false messiah
I'm the premature relief
I am the propaganda
that feeds off of your beliefs

I am the unseen hand of god
I am vengeance acted out
I am the blackest day of humanity
I am mankind being wiped out

I am the lives lost on an impact
I am the casualties of a war
I'm the inability to comprehend
that someone still wants more

I am the simplicity of destruction
I am the ability to forget
I am the sin of never thinking twice
I react, then regret

I am a man crossing an unseen line
I'm one of us, I'm one of them

I am the utter lack of respect
I am the steel that breaks the bone
I'm the gutlessness of violence
on those who stand alone

I am the anxiety for action
I am excessive force
I am cold-blooded calculation
that shows no remorse

I am the lack of humanity
I am the war against the poor
I'm the attack against the defenseless
I am rotten to the core


try to revinvent myself
but I always stay the same
try to look for changes
look and look in vain

uncertainty is certain
certainty is not
change is always coming
hang on to what you got

try to shape the future
feel the future shaping me
try to let the past go
but it won't let me be

the history is unfolding
the future is undone
try to grasp the present
before it is gone

I am one with the universe
the universe is me
I embody all it's goodness
it fills me with it's peace

this is your captain speaking
we're stuck in starry skies
our destination's undecided
but we will arrive in time

we've all heard the prophecies
we all know they are lies
the disaster is impossible
with all gods on our side

surrender to the future
let go of what you can
it's authority is ancient
and greater than that of man

My Love

my love is not here with me
my love is not within reach
my love's not across the street
my love is not good to me

no one is my love
nothing is my love
nowhere is my love
you are not my love

my love does not fade away
my love has no name
my love feels no pain
my love doesn't try to change

my love does not give a damn
my love doesn't understand
my love will not lend a hand
my love is not a man

my love doesn't dim the lights
my love doesn't like to fight
my love is not too bright
my love is not even mine

What Tree Would You Be?

if a tree falls in the woods
and there's no one there to see
if a tree falls in the woods
what tree would you be?

if I told you I was yours
for all eternity
in exchange for just one kiss
what tree would you be?

if I wrote a song for you
and called it "what tree would you be?"
yeah, if I wrote a song for you
what tree would you be?

if you had three wishes
what would your wishes be?
if you had a wish
what tree would you be?

if I weren't ugly
would you smile at me?
if you weren't beautiful
what tree would you be?

if the princess in her tower
if she said to the king
"Dad, we oughta cut these trees"
what tree would you be?

if you weren't just a thought
if you were for real
if you weren't just a dream
what tree would you be?

if you were like a rolling stone
how would it feel?
a complete unknown
what tree would you be?

if you were really tired
and yet you couldn't sleep
lying awake in your bed
what tree would you be?

if the answer was a question
and the question was for me
and if you knew the answer
what tree would you be?