Sunday, August 27, 2006


I am the bastard son of hatred
I am the voice inside your head
I'm the sickening touch of insanity
I'm the creature under your bed

I am the evil intention
I am the urge to do what's wrong
I'm the suffering of the innocent
I'm the empire built on bones

I am the finger on the trigger
I am the point of no return
I'm the truth you turned your back on
the good fortune you don't deserve

I am the false messiah
I'm the premature relief
I am the propaganda
that feeds off of your beliefs

I am the unseen hand of god
I am vengeance acted out
I am the blackest day of humanity
I am mankind being wiped out

I am the lives lost on an impact
I am the casualties of a war
I'm the inability to comprehend
that someone still wants more

I am the simplicity of destruction
I am the ability to forget
I am the sin of never thinking twice
I react, then regret

I am a man crossing an unseen line
I'm one of us, I'm one of them

I am the utter lack of respect
I am the steel that breaks the bone
I'm the gutlessness of violence
on those who stand alone

I am the anxiety for action
I am excessive force
I am cold-blooded calculation
that shows no remorse

I am the lack of humanity
I am the war against the poor
I'm the attack against the defenseless
I am rotten to the core

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