Sunday, August 27, 2006


try to revinvent myself
but I always stay the same
try to look for changes
look and look in vain

uncertainty is certain
certainty is not
change is always coming
hang on to what you got

try to shape the future
feel the future shaping me
try to let the past go
but it won't let me be

the history is unfolding
the future is undone
try to grasp the present
before it is gone

I am one with the universe
the universe is me
I embody all it's goodness
it fills me with it's peace

this is your captain speaking
we're stuck in starry skies
our destination's undecided
but we will arrive in time

we've all heard the prophecies
we all know they are lies
the disaster is impossible
with all gods on our side

surrender to the future
let go of what you can
it's authority is ancient
and greater than that of man

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